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Yankee Candle Small Jar - True Rose

Yankee Candle Small Jar - True Rose

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Alluring, rich and velvety. . . as fragrant as a special delivery of flawless deep red roses

The experience encourages you to escape the mundane - if ever so briefly - and enjoy the soothing sensation of sitting on a tropical beach. Even the pineapple fragrance's unexpected soft leaf green color plays into the desire to escape the ordinary!

“The World’s Best Loved Candle.”Yankee Candle are the leaders in home fragrancing. They are known worldwide for their quality products, and their premium candles are made using the finest ingredients including natural fragrance extracts and oil, to create an affordable luxury for your home.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • You will get 25 - 40 hours burning time - and true fragrance enjoyment out of this jar
  • Fastest way to fill the whole room with fragrance
  • Made with superior glassware, 100% cotton wicks, premium-grade, highly-refined paraffin waxes 


Try one today ..  and enjoy the delicious aromas throughout your home. 

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