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French Cheese - Bonjour De France Tinned Camembert

French Cheese - Bonjour De France Tinned Camembert

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A genuine French Camembert with a  soft texture

Made from cows’ milk with a white and beige rind and a creamy, pale soft interior packaged in a vacuum packed tin for long life without refrigeration. 

Pungent and strongly-flavoured, compared to the milder Brie. 

  • Product of France
  • White moulded cheese  with a soft, almost spreadable texture
  • Contains: pasteurised cows' milk , cream, salt, lactic acid bacteria, calf rennet, pencillium and candidum
  • Shelf stable and long life
  • 125g

A versatile cheese, Camembert can be used as a main ingredient in food, in sandwiches or served on a cheese plate at room temperature with fruits or nuts. 


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